NOAA: 2018/19 = Northern California’s 4th Wettest Year In The Last 20 Years!

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Wettest year for Squaw Valley
The 2018/2019 season was the 4th wettest year in the past 20 years for Squaw Valley. Credit: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows/Facebook

Last winter Squaw Valley had its snowiest February EVER. They received 246 inches or 20.5 feet of snow. That’s a record for the month by 50 inches, and only 3 feet from surpassing the snowiest month ever on record (January 2017, 282 inches).

The 2018/2019 season at Squaw valley was their 3rd snowiest season ever with 719″ of snowfall. The last day it snowed was May 27th, 2019.

Recent findings by NOAA suggest that the northern Sierra had an unusually wet year – the 4th wettest in 20 years. 

NOAA reports
Credit: NOAA
"The northern Sierra just ended an unusually wet water year, which runs from 
October 1st to September 30th. The 8 Station Index had a total of 70.7 inches,
136% of normal! Only 3 years have been wetter out of the past 20: 2017, 2011 
& 2006." - NOAA
Wettest year for Squaw Valley
February 2019. Squaw Valley, you under there? Credit: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows/Facebook

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