NOAA Outlook: How Does 4th July Weekend Look Where You Are?

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Temperature outlook. Credit: NOAA

Below normal temperatures are favored over parts of interior Mainland Alaska and above normal temperatures are likely over coastal areas of Alaska. Below normal temperatures are likely over most of the western third of the CONUS. Above normal temperatures are most likely over the Great Lakes and Northeast regions. Above normal temperatures are also likely for the Southern Plains, and along the Gulf Coast into Florida.

Increased chances of above-normal precipitation for the Aleutians Islands as well as western and northern Mainland Alaska and below-normal precipitation is likely for southeastern Alaska. The forecast for the western CONUS favors near to above-normal precipitation for the Pacific Northwest and eastward to the Northern Plains. Above normal precipitation is likely for parts of the Central and Southern Plains, and the southeastern CONUS. Below normal precipitation is likely for parts of the Southern Rockies, Southwest, and southern Texas, as well as the Great Lakes and Northeast regions.

precipitation, outlook, NOAA
Credit: NOAA

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