NOAA’s April, May, June Snow & Temp Forecast for USA:

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Above average temperatures expected for the entire West Coast, all of AK, and the entire south.  The only ski state expected to get below average temps is Montana.  MT is killing it this year.

Whether we like to admit it or not, ski season in North America is coming to a close.  April is here and most ski resorts close in April and May on our continent.  Knowing that, we’d like to see it end with a bang.  Unseasonably cold temperatures and big snowfalls are most welcome in April and early May in all ski towns.

NOAA just released their April, May, June forecast for temperature and precipitation and it’s nothing to write home about.  The entire West Coast and all of Alaska is forecasted to have above average temperatures this spring.  Montana is expected to stay cold through the end of the season.  They’re having a great season up there.


Below average precipitation forecast for the West Coast this spring.  Above average precip forecasted NOWHERE?

Precipitation is forecasted to be below average on the West Coast and SE Alaska.  Precipitation is forecast to be above average NOWHERE in the USA.

Is it time to start thinking about the Southern Hemisphere winter?

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3 thoughts on “NOAA’s April, May, June Snow & Temp Forecast for USA:

    1. I’ve always wondered about that as well. I think it’s because NOAA is government funded and there might be pressure to not be spending govt money on Canada forecasts and real time weather. That said, I wish they did have Canada in there as well.

      1. It is probably more work to remove the Canada info from their model. US Gov at its finest.

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