Norway Walks Away from Massive Quantity of Oil

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The Lofoten Islands are home to unique landscapes of mountains, ocean bays, and nature. (photo:

The Lofoten Islands, located deep in the Norwegian Arctic Circle, are home to unique ecosystems, dramatic mountains, and pristine nature.  Rich in biodiversity, the islands also appear to be rich in oil sediments. With such valuable resources, Lofoten is highly sought after by the country’s oil industry. Estimates suggest that 1 billion to 3 billion barrels of oil could be located off the archipelago, making access to this area crucial for Norway to be one of the world’s major oil exporters.

In an effort to preserve and protect the Lofoten ecosystems, Norway’s Labor Party made the decision to withdraw its support for oil explorations and drilling off the coasts of the Lofoten Islands. Being the largest political party in the Parliament, the vote gives a parliamentary majority to the decision. This dramatic shift has raised particular concern for the oil industry, depleting Norway’s support to the production stability. Jonas Gahr Store, the leader of the Labor Party, states “The Labor Party supports the development of other activities in these marine areas, such as fishing, tourism, and renewable sources.”

Lofoten offers some of the most beautiful skiing in Norway. (photo:

Norway’s decision to withdraw support for explorative drilling has left the entire oil industry stunned and disappointed. Fueled by opposition to the polluting fossil fuel, this powerful stance portrays a shift towards wealth gained by renewable energy as an alternative. Setting quite the example for the rest of the world, Norway’s bold actions will hopefully steer the direction of other oil industry advocates.

Preserving the magnificent Lofoten Islands is significant for outdoor enthusiasts. An epic destination for ski touring, Lofoten will continue to attract people from around the world. As concern for climate change weighs heavy on the world, Norway stands out in raising concern for the environment. Despite the backlash, the country will prioritize the pristine nature, diverse ecosystems, and the unique draw of this untouched landscape.

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  1. Norway still seems pretty keen on drilling offshore of the Great Australian Bite, despite all warnings and risks. And our government is very keen to let them. So progressive.

  2. Can we get an update on Norway’s oil industry instead of just re-sharing a 9 month old article without doing any research journalism?

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