Official NOAA February Outlook for the USA:

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This NOAA outlook is showing the entire West Coast, Florida, and Alaska experiencing above average temperatures in February.  Only Texas is forecast to see below average temps in February.

NOAA recently released their outlook forecast for February 2015 in the USA.  This February outlook continues to favor an El Nino pattern despite El Nino having never shown up this winter.  NOAA is now only giving El Nino a 50-50 chance of showing up, which is the same as saying “I have absolutely no idea.”

No ski zone in the USA is exactly “favored” by this NOAA February outlook because nearly all the Western USA is forecast to experience above average temperatures.  

The only ski zones that are forecast to receive above average precipitation this February are Northern Arizona, Taos New Mexico, Southwest Colorado, & Southern California.

This NOAA graph shows the Southwest USA receiving above average precipitation in February.  The Inland Pacific Northwest if forecast to see below average precipitation in February.

If we had to guess, after reading these outlooks, we’d have to go with Southwest Colorado and Taos, New Mexico for February.  

That said, the only places in the USA that has been getting above average snowfalls this winter are Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.  If you’ve got the time, you wanna get to ID, WY, or MT as soon as you can.





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