Outpouring of Support for Lucas Braathen from Fellow Athletes After Retirement Announcement

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Norway’s slalom specialist Lucas Braathen. | Picture: supplied by Oakley

Not even 24 hours have passed since the shock announcement by Lucas Pinheiro Braathen that the Norwegian skier will retire at only 23-years of age, and social media is flooded with an outpouring of love and support … and even the odd marriage proposal. Starting with teammates Aleksander Aamodt Kilde’s “A firework of a human, will be missed but never forgotten” and Atle Lie McGrath “Always with you❤️❤️” there are also many suggestions for Braathen to change countries and compete for Brazil. Braathen’s mother is Brazilian, hence his Portuguese middle name Pinheiro, which means ‘pine’ in Portuguese.

“It’s not possible”
Skii Italy (Italian ski website)

“I can‘t believe this! If it is because of the federation I would marry you and than you can start for germany. My wife would be totally fine with it”
Felix Neureuther (retired German ski racer and now TV commentator)
Germany's Felix Neureuther competes during an alpine ski, men's World Cup slalom in Zagreb, Croatia, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Giovanni Auletta)
Germany’s Felix Neureuther during the Men’s World Cup Slalom in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2017. | Picture: Associated Press /Giovanni Auletta

“You can’t do this !!! Guys like you are so important for our sport , hope it s not definitive . The system need to change but it’s a huge lose for the ski racing world”
Johan Clarey (retired French ski racer)


“This is shocking… watching you ski is an absolute joy to behold. you are a driving force for young skiers, this should make you find the energy to be better than that world which is now so completely negative. Take a breath the time that you need to be free to be yourself, waiting you back with your smile and your energy”
Carlo Vanzini (retired Italian ski racer and TV commentator)


“Sooo sad, you will be missed on the slopes!! ⛷️Thank you for being that great inspiration and all the best!!”

Katharina Liensberger (Austrian ski racer)


“LET HIM COOK Proud of you bro”
Birk Ruud (Norwegian Freestyle skier)


“WOW this announcement at this time of the year is a shock. Racing is a grind and you gotta love it no matter if you’re struggling or on top. No doubt your decision was heavily contemplated.
I and the world of skiing will miss watching your steeze and fire on the race course. Congrats on all of your amazing career achievements and what you’ve done empowering and inspiring youth!
Proud of you for making a decision based on your gut feelings and pursuing your personal freedom and happiness. I won’t extend a had in marriage like @felix_neureuther , but I’m sure another American would! (If that’s even the case )”
Daron Rahlves (retired US ski racer)

Retired US ski racer Daron Rahlves. Credit: Copper Mountain

“Oh no bro, we need your samba on the slopes🕺🙌💙”
Christof Innerhofer (Italian ski racer)

“My man 😢 love your style and presence. It will be missed”
Steven Nyman (retired US ski racer)

Would changing countries be an option for Braathen? Time will tell. Changing your country is only permissable at the end of June under FIS rules. At this point no one knows what exactly was behind his decision and what is going on in his head. For the ski racing sport one can only hope he will consider a return but for now we wish Lucas Braathen much happiness and peace with his decision.

Lucas Braathen with the Slalom Crystal Globe. | Picture: Lucas Braathen Instagram

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