VIDEO: Owen Leeper at Jackson Hole, WY Sending 90-Foot Front Flip, Huge Cliffs, Powder & Straightlines!

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Watch this edit of last season from our buddy Owen Leeper at Jackson Hole, WY skiing crazy straight lines, huge airs and deep powder with a 90-foot superman front flip at the end!

See what happens when a storm drops 59″ at Grand Targhee and Owen with Julian Carr tee off everything in sight.

Owen Leeper, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Face shots for days! Credit: Bold Poles

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Looks like shoulder surgery didn’t slow Owen down too much last year with hits like the S&S Wallride next to Corbet’s couloir and hitting the diving board cliff at Targhee!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is just 1 of 38 iconic destinations available on the Ikon Pass.

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