Patagonia Backcountry Report: Immaculately Dry Late September Powder In A Ravishing Chute

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Report from September 18, 2023

Monday morning was clear and cold.

This time of year here is usually hot and melty…

Not this year.

Slant. image: snowbrains

This year all of September has been cold and stormy.

Mikey came out with us on this day, which was rad.

We climbed up to a chute we call “Scary Chute.”

Tronador. image: snowbrains

Scary Chute was icy at the top then sort of deep dust-on-crust situation that my brain was never really able to trust.

The apron below the chute held some of the driest, most succulent snow of the season.

Back up and around and over to the “High Tower Alternate Chute.”

Dog towers. image: snowbrains

The approach to the chute was full sketch.

We had a big rainstorm last week that ended in a cold storm.

That left us with rigid water ice covering everything that didn’t get buried by snow.

Big wet slides from the rain. image: snowbrains

The slide into the High Tower Alternate was treacherous…

Once in, it was mostly all good despite an unexpected icy turn or two.

The snow was immaculate.

Prism. image: snowbrains

Greggy opened a new line I’ve been calling “Greg Chute” for about a year now.

It’s usually not in and very rocky.

Greggy made huge, fluid turns down the face and made us look like we were in slow motion…

Glaze. image: snowbrains

We exchanged hugs, cheers, and jeers at the bottom.

This was another double dip day where we did about double what we usually do in this zone.

The day after this adventure I was so tired I didn’t feel good.

Apres tea. image: snowbrains

It’s been a long season down here and my body finally gave out.

Another storm is rolling in now and we might be looking at another powder day as early as Friday morning.

It just won’t stop…

Thanks, Patagonia!

Glazed. image: snowbrains


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