Patagonia Backcountry Report: Mini-Mandatory Air in an Exciting New Chute

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Report from September 3, 2023

Yesterday, we hauled our carcasses into the backcountry for one last sunny day.

The previous day (Saturday) held the best snow we’d ever skied in South America…

On this day we went for the Sun Chutes which are north-facing but we were confident that due to the cold conditions, they’d still hold soft snow.

The Greg Sweater. image: snowbrains

We were wrong…

Greggy took one of the normal lines and it was good enough.

I decided to try a new line that I’d never skied before that has a little mandatory air.

Texture. image: snowbrains

The snow was bad…

Especially where the air was.

I hacked and slarved and squeaked my way through there and was stoked to have tried something new.

Up. image: snowbrains

Now we wait for light as the forecast is showing snow all week.

Dinner at Mikey’s house was $$$.

Thanks, Patagonia!

Wind. image: snowbrains
Patagonia. image: snowbrains

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