Patagonia Backcountry Report: This Place Is Getting Too Filled In With Snow | Mini-Spines & High Tower Chutes Are Buried

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Report from September 12, 2023

Tuesday was the last sunny day of the week most likely.

A large, wet, warm, Tahiti Express storm is clobbering us right now.

Lotza rain, wind, and hopefully in the end – snow.

Tuesday held dense, wind-pressed, and sun-kissed snow.

There were quite a few people in the zone this day so I laid back and zigged when they zagged.

I simply took what wasn’t yet hit and that was the Patagonian mini-spines.

Bubbling flames. image: snowbrains

I’d already skied and filmed the bigger spine, so I went for the double drop to the smaller spine.

Man, this zone is so filled in…

Too filled in now!

Buried spines. image: snowbrains

This is one of the most feature-full zones around here and it’s just big, fat rolling terrain right now.

This is the most snow I’ve ever seen in here…

The double drop is buried so it’s only a mini single drop really.

Wind on snow. image: snowbrains

The spine is buried but a slash on the top of it did give me a great, wet face shot.

From the bottom, I went back up and skied the High Tower Chute Alternate.

It’s south-facing and holds better snow.

Track. image: snowbrains

I didn’t quite get any good light in the High Towers but the skiing was fast and sweet.

The long hike home was special due to there being zero human beings in the entire valley.

Now, let it snow!

Thanks, Patagonia


Buried spines. image: snowbrains
Spines are buried. image: snowbrains
A track. image: snowbrains
Textures. image: snowbrains
Dragon. image: snowbrains

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