Patagonia Refuses to Supply Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY, Due to Owner’s Political Affiliations

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Patagonia will no longer be supplying retail stores at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY.

A giant in the world of outdoor clothing, Patagonia is known for producing expensive but high-quality products that adventurers can count on to support them, no matter the conditions––unless you live in Jackson Hole, WY. 

The company just announced that they will no longer be supplying Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with its products after the owners of the resort hosted a fundraiser attended by Republicans Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, reports the Jackson Hole News & GuideThe three were invited for their ties to the House Freedom Caucus, which includes the “most conservative of all Republicans.”

Patagonia gear was sold at the base of the ski area, Hoback Sports, and the Jackson Hole Resort Store in Jackson. The retailer at the ski area was the outdoor company’s largest customer in the Jackson area.

“JHMR retail will continue to offer world-class brands across our retail locations with the aim to provide the best service and product assortment for our guests. We have been a leader in the ski industry in adopting initiatives to reduce our energy consumption, recycle the consumables used by our employees and guests, and treat the spectacular natural habitat which surrounds us with vision and care.”

– JHMR President Mary Kate Buckley

Last week it was reported that Jackson Hole, WY, residents are reconsidering their season pass purchases due to the political affiliations of the resort’s owners. Jay and Karen Kemmerer, who have owned Jackson Hole Mountain Resort since 1992, organized the fundraiser to aid the House Freedom Fund. The House Freedom Fund “only supports candidates for Congress who are dedicated to open, accountable, and limited government – candidates who will fight to defend the Constitution and advance policies that promote liberty, safety, and prosperity for all Americans.”

Jackson Hole, Jay Kemmerer,
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort owner Jay Kemmerer. Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Locals against Kemmerer’s political affiliations cite Greene’s anti-covid-19 vaccine views and other conspiracy theories, their stance on climate change, and Greene and Jordan’s role in perpetuating the claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 Election as reasons not to buy a ski pass or even boycotting the resort.

As well as being a clothing company, Patagonia’s mission is centered purely on activism and environmental preservation, saying “We’re in business to save our home planet.” They don’t just talk the talk, they’ve also been walking the walk since their beginning in 1973, and by 2019 they were awarded the United Nations’ Champions of the Earth Entrepreneurial Vision Award, demonstrating their role as a major leading activism company in the world. They didn’t take this latest decision lightly:

“It is our largest customer in an area — that’s really critical. That tells you something about the importance of this relationship. We don’t take ending it lightly.”

– Corley Kenna, head of communications and policy at Patagonia told the JH News & Guide

Jay and Karen Kemmerer have a history of supporting Republican candidates, raising and/or donating millions to election campaigns and political action committees. 

When asked last week after the protests, a Jackson Hole Mountain Resort spokesman declined to comment, saying only that the resort “has no insight or comment regarding Jay Kemmerer’s personal investments decisions,” reported the News and Guide.

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23 thoughts on “Patagonia Refuses to Supply Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY, Due to Owner’s Political Affiliations

  1. I am so sick of this self-rigtheousness. I will no longEr support companies that use their platform to bully and censor. Free speech and tolerance of others’ is more important than Patagonia’s latest puffy. I hope they fade away and take their toxic cancel culture with them.

  2. Hey Patagonia. Your shit does not smell as good as you think it does. Your cool but not that cool. Stuff can be overpriced. Save your catalog and I would not pay the prices at Jackson Hole regardless.

  3. Business owners typically find it “less complicated” if they kept their personal views about politics removed from their business. Now there may be consequences. Kemmerer obviously has his own agenda or maybe he’s not that smart. As a result I stand behind Patagonia as being a steward on our environment and standing up for what they believe. I will now think twice before spending my money at JHMR.

    1. Patagonia’s clothing is made almost entirely out of fossil fuels. Do you still worship them as your guide to all things moral in your life?

      1. nobody said anything about worshiping. We all know most clothes are made from fossil fuels…. check the clothes on your back, genius. Most of us live by some sort of double standard, here is merely an example of a company attempting to make the planet a better place for your offspring.

        1. Their attempt is lip service, marketing, feel good.
          Patagonia also spends its money supporting groups that kick Mtn bikes out of the Forest.
          They remind me of the bay area tech community. They talk out of both sides of their mouth.

          I try my best not to live by a double standard. Anyone who thinks it’s Ok is has a flawed moral compass.

    2. Patagonia is not for saving the planet with the biggest moron ruining our country. Who cares if they leave. Ignorant bastardios.

  4. Yay rich people arguing with other rich people. Then poorer people get to comment about it like they understand/share the moral compass of those rich people.

  5. This is an incredibly disappointing development from Patagonia. I do not support Marjoire Taylor Green or Mark Meadows, but this astroturfed action is bad for the US. Boycotting business and people over their simple political affiliations is antithetical to the US and who we are as a country. It only drives to more divisiveness in our country, in our societies and in our industry. Patagonia may think this action is helping their cause when it truth it’s isolating it’s users and making the World a worse place.
    My self and my company will be disassociating from Patagonia and I hope they can understand why a diversity of opinions in a positive thing in the World

    1. So Patagonia was okay with Jackson being a giant gentrification fest but the owner of a resort there expresses his political views and suddenly that’s a bridge too far.

      Hypocrisy at it’s finest

    1. Yeah tolerant of diversity and vaccines, not tolerant of politicians aiming to roll back voting rights.

      1. You need an ID to buy beer, get on a plane, get a ski pass, etc., etc., etc.,

        But you don’t need any ID whatsoever to vote. Anyone can now anonymously mail in their votes.

        Seems like a great way to run a clean and fair election. Great way for our country to move forward.

        Sorry but you’re a whacko.

        1. You use proof of identity to register, clown. An ID isn’t required because tens of millions of people in this country dont have access to an ID. Voter fraud is a myth. Let’s see what Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security said about the 2020 election, ““The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history”

          1. The audits did find a few cases of fraud in the tens of million ballots examined…most, if not all involved votes cast for republican candidates.

          2. No you don’t you flipping monkey. Hence why I received 2 ballots from previous tenant’s of my house.

          3. Someone that received my ballot at my address while I was abroad tried to forge my signature for who they assumed I was gonna vote for. This was mail in, no ID required. What happened? The county District Attorney’s office hounded me for months based off my signature until I explained what happened. The vote was never counted. So yeah, you can receive ballots, but that’s not the same as casting them.

      2. There is no rolling back voting rights. To state that 10 million or so US citizens to not have access to an ID is one of the most racist lies propogated by the media and the DNC. There is no good evidence that poor blacks or any other color human US Citizen lack access to obtain an ID.

        1. “Licensed social worker” is ill informed in the same way nurses that refuse vaccines are lol

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