Pole Dancing and Heli Skiing

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Usbeken-Powder und Partys im Transporthubschrauber from WhiteHearts on Vimeo.

There’s a time for everything in life. A time for heli skiing, and a time for ‘gentlemen’s clubs’. This crew of Germans decided it was about time to combine the two. Why not?!

The WhiteHeart crew heads down to Uzbekistan to take advantage of winter and ancient Russian military helicopters. Set to classical music and dancehall, the crew skis some big long powder runs.  With a title that translates to ‘Uzbekistan Powder and Party in Helicopter’,. No matter what impression the skiing leaves, this isn’t an edit that will be forgotten. Between the ancient helicopter and the pole-dancing, these Germans took it to the next level. Maybe this heli operation will start seeing a lot more visitors after this because this is one of the most ridiculous thing’s we’ve seen!


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