Pro Skier Julian Carr Visits Trump Rally to Share His Experience, Insights for Article

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Pro skier Julian Carr clandestinely attends a Trump rally to see what it’s like and share his experience | Photo courtesy Julian Carr/

Professional skier and entrepreneur Julian Carr recently went to a Trump rally so that he could write an article about his experience along with insights gained from it.

Here is the link to that article:

Carr writes in his article,

“The following morning I made my way to Tulsa, checked in at the Holiday Inn a block from City Center. My goal was to have an open mind, learn as much as possible from all sides, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current political moment. All the while I’ve seen many videos of couner-protesters being spit on & punched at Trump rallies, so the anticipation was intense. I grabbed my skateboard & headed into the action.”

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Carr, 41, is known for sending it large | Photo courtesy

About Julian Carr:

“Widely recognized for the biggest airs in skiing, Julian Carr has been featured in seven Warren Miller films, developing a reputation not only for big airs, but for all around skiing. He’s received a ‘Photo of the Year’ award from Powder Magazine, won the prestigious Sickbird Award on the Freeskiing World Tour, X-Games GOLD Medalist, & he holds two world records in cliff height. Julian serves as an ambassador for Protect Our Winters (POW), Climate Reality Project, & board member of Lands Conservation Foundation. He’s the founder of Discrete Clothing. Most recently, Julian founded a mountain running series, the Cirque Series, which is in its fourth season.” —

Julian Carr | Photo courtesy

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