Pro Surfer Mikala Jones Killed While Surfing in Indonesia

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mikala Jones
Credit: Mikala Jones Instagram

Pro surfer Mikala Jones tragically passed away at the age of 44 while surfing in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia this weekend.

The exact details of the accident are still unclear, but it is believed that he suffered an injury that severed his femoral artery, resulting in a fatal loss of blood.

Jones was well-known in the surf world for his exceptional tube-riding skills and was highly regarded for his contributions to surf photography, particularly with GoPro cameras.

Tributes from fellow surfers and friends poured in, expressing their shock and sadness at his untimely passing.

Jones is survived by his wife and three children.

Deaths while surfing are extremely rare. The number is estimated to be no more than 10 per year, reports Wavelength. The biggest hazard to surfers is drowning, particularly due to rip currents. Another well-publicized, yet rare hazard, is a shark attack, although the majority of these attacks are not on surfers. Other than these, the most common is a blow to the head, where the surfer knocks themselves unconscious after either hitting the bottom or their board and subsequently drowns.


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