Revelstoke, BC Report: 60″ snowpack, 174″ of Snowfall Already This Season…

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Report from December 6, 2021

Yesterday we went for some great resort laps at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and went for a long walk in the sidecountry.

Revelstoke had seen 2″ of new snow overnight.

Revelstoke has already gotten so much snow this season that they are currently sitting on a mid-winter snowpack in only early December.

  • 60″ snowpack
  • 174″ of snowfall so far this season
Greg Hill charging. image: snowbrains

Inbounds, the groomers were smooth and perfect and there was no one out.

Off-piste was a bit firm and bumpy but fun where it had been skied out a bit.

We weren’t expecting much in the sidecountry but we thought we’d go for a walk and find out how things were shaping up.

Miles at the bottom of run #2. image: snowbrains

The sun was out, which is rare up here in December.

The views were breathtaking.

The legendary Greg Hill caught up to us, said hi, passed us, and simply blew our doors off out there…

Curves. image: snowbrains
Oli & Fox. image: snowbrains

Standing on top of our 1st run on a breakable crust, we weren’t exactly excited about what we were gonna ski…

We dropped in and found that the crust was supportable and as soon as we dropped over the 1st rollover the snow deepened and the sensation of floating overrode our senses.

After the 3rd creamy turn, I let out a hoot and leaned into it.

Oli ripping one under the Stoke chair.

There wasn’t a lot of snow on top of the crust – something like 4-12″.

But it skied great and we were able to ski fast.

After hiking back up we were fired up on the top of the next peak knowing how fun the skiing was about to be.

Gorgeous trees. image: snowbrains

The views were simply nuts…

We dropped in and went through the same experience:  crusty, creamy, then hoots.

We were all fired up at the bottom and it was time to get a move on to make it back to Revy before the last chair of the day at 3 pm.

Angles. image: snowbrains

Sunset is about 4pm here right now so there’s no time to linger.

We made it back to the chair in time and cranked a couple of groomers before taking the Gondola down to our spot in the Sutton Place at the bottom of the gondola (thank you, Sutton Place & Revelstoke :))

We were all 3 elated and impressed with the snow quality out there.

Survival. image: snowbrains

The day had hugely surpassed our expectations and we couldn’t wait for another day out there and the new snow that’s on its way.

It’s gonna be a great week.

Thanks, Revelstoke!

Mt. MacKenzie. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers

image: revelstoke, 12/7/21

Weather Forecast

image: revelstoke, 12/7/21


Miles skiing Revelstoke in powder. image: snowbrains
The Stoke Chair. image: snowbrains
Blue and white. image: snowbrains

Tall trees. image: snowbrains
One line. image: snowbrains
Oli and Fox approaching peak #2 of the day. image: snowbrains
Winter. image: snowbrains
Ghost trees. image: snowbrains
Moody… image: snowbrains
Layers. image: snowbrains
Looking down towards the Columbia river. image: snowbrains
Oli & Fox. image: snowbrains
“Over there!” image: snowbrains
Don’t die. image: snowbrains
Sunset downloading gondola. image: snowbrains
Bears… image: snowbrains
Sunset from the room at The Sutton Place. image: snowbrains
Sunset from the balcony. image: snowbrains
Apres ski a la Fox. image: snowbrains

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  1. Dec & jan can really kick ass at revy, 1000 ft of powder and a 4000+ ft of corduroy on a bad ass pitch… on a single run… watchout!!!

    Minus true powderdays… GROOM them slopes daily Revelstoke Ops!!! Not once ore twice a week…………………………..

    Euros’ maintain slopes for weeks with minimal snow fairly mild conditions with steadfast grooming practices!!!

    Catch the drift…………..

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