RideEasy | Portable Snowboard Footrest & Lock

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Does your leg go numb on the chairlift? Next time you ride, let RideEasy carry the weight of your snowboard for you. It installs onto your binding and lets you hook your board onto the chairlift so you can rest your foot, explains their IndieGoGo page.

RideEasy also works as a snowboard lock that you’ll never leave behind. A steel cable and combination code will protect your board when you head off to lunch. Ride higher, ride longer!

RideEasy is a portable snowboard footrest that lets you hook your board on the chairlift so your leg can rest as you go up the mountain. It also doubles as a board lock that’s always on your binding so you never have to worry about leaving your board on the racks.

rideeasy, snowboard, lock, footrest, indiegogo, kickstarter
RideEasy, how it works. Credit: IndieGoGo

Stop putting your board on your boot. Save your leg for your best day of riding ever. This easy-to-use footrest helps take the uncomfortable weight of the hanging board off your foot so you can chill on any chairlift. Without fatigue, ankle pain and numbness, you can maximize your shred time on the slopes.

rideeasy, snowboard, lock, footrest, indiegogo, kickstarter
RideEasy is a portable snowboard footrest for chairlift rides that also doubles as a snow-gear lock. Credit: IndieGoGo
  • Decrease Knee/Ankle Stress – The weight of the board puts constant pressure on the leg while on the chairlift.  RideEasy is able to decrease that significantly which reduces the risk of injury.  Let your leg rest and recover, so you have more energy to ride for longer.
  • Strength for Wear & Tear – Built with the strongest and most wear resistant plastic and steel materials on the market, RideEasy can support over 100lbs of pulling force. It’s also snowproof so you can shred hard on the slopes in the toughest conditions.
  • A Lock for Protection – RideEasy is a lock you will never forget. Because it’s permanently installed onto your binding, it’s always ready for use. Enjoy your lunch or washroom break knowing that your board is safe and sound on the ski racks.

And anything that encourages people to put down the safety bar on a chairlift can only be a good thing, right?

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