Riksgränsen Ski Resort in Swedish Arctic Circle Reopens for Midsummer Ski Season

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Riksgränsen, the renowned ski resort in the Swedish Arctic Circle, has reopened its slopes this week to eager skiers and snowboarders for the Midsummer season. Despite the expectations of basking in the glow of the midnight sun, the weather is proving to be less cooperative, with fog and rain prevailing over sunlit skies, according to an Instagram post shared by the resort. Nonetheless, those venturing beyond the Arctic Circle to experience summer skiing and riding at Riksgränsen deserve praise for their determination to hit the slopes and embrace the uniqueness of what the far north ski area offers this time of year.

About Riksgränsen 

Riksgränsen, translating to The National Border in English, is a Swedish ski resort in Kiruna Municipality of Lappland, Sweden, 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The resort’s ski season is typically from February to June. From the end of May, the lifts operate under the midnight sun, where the sun doesn’t actually set mid-summer due to the northern latitudes, and as a result, it still appears partially sunny in the middle of the night. The resort is a popular summer ski area in Sweden, and one of its runs crosses the border to Norway and back into Sweden.

Riksgränsen trail map. | Photo: Riksgränsen Ski Resort

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