Rock Climbers Scale Replica of Trump’s Border Wall In Under One Minute

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An 8-year old and a 75-year old just climbed a replica of Trump’s “unclimbable” wall to prove a point.

President Trump is promising to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a pledge that has already led to funding battles with lawmakers. Trump has since declared an emergency in order to reallocate billions of dollars in military funding for wall construction.

Rick Weber — a 75-year-old retired engineer, and active rock climber — built a replica of an 18-foot tall section of border wall in Kentucky earlier this month, inviting mountain climbers to compete to see who could climb it the fastest. 

Weber said his proposed challenge was inspired by Trump’s visit to a section of border wall in California last month, where he announced that 20 of the most skilled mountain climbers out there had been tasked with trying to scale the wall, but were unable to do so.

Replica of the wall
8-year-old Lucy climbing the replica of Trump’s “unclimbable” border wall. Credit: Facebook

As of Friday, Oct. 11, The Courier-Journal reports that numerous people have already scaled the replica wall, including an 8-year-old girl!

Another climber, 29-year-old Erik Kloeker, made it over the wall in approximately 30 seconds during a demonstration for reporters.

On Friday afternoon, Weber posted to Facebook that the fastest wall-climb so far was 17.25 seconds. 

Trumps wall has been climbed
Can the ‘unclimbable’ border wall be climbed? Climbers say so… Credit: NBC News

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  1. it appears that “replica” allows opposing vertical seems that are less than an arm span in separation. that does not appear to be consistent with images of the actual wall.

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