Rollerblading: A License To Badass or 90’s Fad?

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Rollerblading for better skiing
Keep in shredding shape this summer by getting yourself some blades. Photo courtesy of Rollerblade.

This past spring while fighting off the no-snow blues, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed full of pow day TBT’s and skimming contents when suddenly a glowing post stuck out among the rest…A video of industry badass, Sierra Quitiquit, charging down a boardwalk on a pair of rollerblades. Instantly, I caught the blading bug. So with a leap of faith and an impulsive $175 purchase, I acquired my own pair of rollerblades in attempt to stay in tip-top slope shape all year round.

Pro skiers who blade.
Professional skiers, Sierra Quitiquit and Julia Mancuso blading. Photo courtesy of Spyder Active Sports.

A week later, when I finally got the notification in my student email that I had received a package, I ran straight to the campus mail room to pickup my blades. I proudly carried my box of blades throughout campus, knowing that its contents would soon make me the coolest kid on campus. However, one small issue began to surface in my mind…I had no idea how to rollerblade. Sure, skis were second nature to me and I had gone ice-skating a few times, but the thought of flying down highly-foot trafficked paths around campus was accompanied by images of collisions, side swipes, and chipped teeth. However, little did I know my college campus had already been infiltrated by the blading bug. Was I the last person to hear of this trend, or do I just happen to roll with some rad peers? (No pun intended). These rad peeps showed me all the blading basics, and I was soon charging down the streets of campus with minimal carnage.

Me and the Boulder Blade Brigade
Just a few of the Boulder Blade Brigade peeps (and myself).

As I continue telling the story of my rollerblading roots, I will introduce the Boulder Blade Brigade. Soon after I hopped on my first pair of blades, I moved down to Boulder, CO for the summer. My favorite possession amongst all the suitcases I brought across the country: my rollerblades. I was super stoked to blade down Boulder’s world renowned bike path system; however, blading alone still intimidated me. Could I hang with the pro bikers and elite runners that traveled these same paths? What if I wiped out into Boulder Creek? After a few solo attempts, I fortunately found the Boulder Blade Brigade. This gang of rad rollerbladers gathers with the sole purpose of blading, socializing, and goofing off with fellow bladers. They helped my beginner self down hills, gave me a few pointers, and had the great idea to blade into a restaurant for brunch! Needless to say, it was an honor to roll with the Boulder Blade Brigade, even though I quickly realized that they were way to profesh for me.

However, with the exception of my time with the Boulder Blade Brigade, I only saw one other rollerblader all summer. This makes me wonder why more people (especially skiers) aren’t out shredding the pavement. So in the interest of my curiosity, what do you think? Are rollerblades a license to badass or a 90’s fad?

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2 thoughts on “Rollerblading: A License To Badass or 90’s Fad?

  1. I skied for years and was reasonably good. Skied a few times with people who had won Olympics in moguls and could kind of hang with them. Four years ago, age 60, I decided to learn how to roller skate. Was surprised at how hard it was. Skiing is power that can cover up small mistakes in balance. Skating, the slower you go, the harder it is. I am getting much better with my balance. I love skating. Here are some of my favorite videos so that you can kind of see what I am talking about. I wish I had taken skating more seriously a long time ago.

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