S**** Valley Turns to Skiers to Help Rename Chairlift

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The soon to be renamed S**** Creek Chairlift on a winter day – PC: Squaw Valley

As a part of its effort to remove the word “Squaw” from its name, Squaw Valley is asking for skiers and community members to help rename one of the ski area’s chairlifts. On August 1, the ski area announced on twitter that the Squaw Creek chairlift would be renamed through an open contest where community members could submit and vote on their favorite ideas.

Whether you live in Tahoe, have skied the area, or just have a great idea for a new name, the ski area is accepting submissions on their website until August 15. Each entry can submit up to three ideas to rename the chairlift and provide context or a backstory for their entry. The best submissions will be announced on social media and put to a vote starting on August 20. So, what are you waiting for? Go submit your idea for the chance to become a part of Tahoe skiing history!

An overview of the valley with the renamed chairlift visible on the far left – PC: Squaw Valley

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