San Juan Mts, CO Conditions Report: Riding Big Lines on September 30th, 2013

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Sept 30th Skiing with Luke-5

editor’s note:  Kris will be reporting from the majestic San Juan Mountains of Colorado this winter.  Kris has his own very strong blog as well:

I must admit, I’ve never skied in September.  I’ve ridden my bike in the snow, I’ve thrown snowballs and I’ve enjoyed September surf sessions, but I’ve never skied in the month of September, until today.  Luke and I were certainly happy with the outcome.

Luke Slashes a September Turn in the San Juans

Spirits were high as we left town early and began the drive into the high alpine.  What we were looking for was shaded North facing slopes with enough wind deposited snow to make it count.  What we found was exactly that, with surprisingly cold and dry winter snow.  Autumn in the San Juans, CO scratch that…life in the San Juans is so good.

Sept 30th Skiing with Luke-3

This little chute provided cold and dry winter snow with surprisingly few rocks.  While certainly not the type of conditions that allow one to open it up and carry speed, fresh pow turns are fresh pow turns regardless of limitations.

Sept 30th Skiing with Luke-7

This wind lip surprised us with soft and creamy pow turns.  The shadows fell perfectly on the lip and provided an aesthetic appeal that got us all hot and bothered. Then again it doesn’t take much to get us all wound up, we had just enough time to make a second lap before the solar gain became intense on the slopes we were enjoying.

Sept 30th Skiing with Luke-8

Luke doing what he does best.  Enjoying the mountains with a friend, sliding on snow. The tool matters less than the approach.  Skis, snowboards, sit ski, on your ass, it’s all the same. Simply sliding on snow with friends and seeking out smiles, involuntary laughter, and high fives hopefully spreading smiles and love along the way.  Luke certainly embodies this spirit to the core.

Sept 30th Skiing with Luke-10

We are tiny creatures in this huge environment, getting to play in a medium that has certainly been crafted for adventure and exploration. It comes with the need to give it great respect, much like we should approach all aspects of life. Some may say that our time in the mountains is a selfish and non productive endeavor.  I’d counter and say we both came back to town as better people than when we left a few hours earlier. I’ve said it before in my little digital space that I have right here and I’ll say it again:

Live Life to the Fullest and Love with Your Whole Self!

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