Sean Petit Has His Own Movie: “Remember to Fly” Trailer

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Sean Pettit will have his own movie coming out this winter.  We’re not sure how long the movie will be, but it’s being called a “short film” by the creators:  Super Proof.

The kid is unreal and certainly one of our favorite skiers to watch on TV.  We’re very much looking forward to his part in the upcoming Red Bull/MSP movie “Days of My Youth.”

There is definitely a lot of rap-video-damn-I’m-cool in this trailer.  Sean is driving big trucks, hooking up with beautiful women, flying in planes, showing his neck pimples, and walking around like Justin Timberlake.  They even show some female nipple in this vid.  Very risque.

A remastered Super Proof edit of Sean Pettit’s 2013 season while out filming with Poorboyz Productions. “Remember To Fly” is just a sneak peak of the style of short films Super Proof will be taking on this winter season. –  

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