NOAA Outlook September 2022: Hotter and Drier Than Normal for Most of Country

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September outlook
Temperature outlook for September 2022. Credit: NOAA

Here’s the NOAA’s September outlook. It’s looking warmer and drier than normal for the majority of the nation.

The abridged discussion is below:

Above normal temperatures are favored for most of the west-central CONUS. The strongest probabilities (greater than 50 percent) of above-normal temperatures are indicated near the Four Corners region southeastward to extreme western Texas. Enhanced above normal temperature probabilities extend eastward, to parts of the Corn Belt, where trends indicate the strongest warm signal. Above normal temperatures are also favored for the Florida Peninsula and the Northeast. Equal chances (EC) of above, near, and below normal temperatures are indicated for the remainder of the eastern CONUS. Increased chances of below-normal temperatures are indicated for parts of Mainland Alaska.

Above normal precipitation is favored for parts of the Southwest, as an active monsoon 18 is forecast to persist. Below normal precipitation is most likely farther to the north, from central California eastward across parts of the Great Basin and Rockies. Below normal precipitation is also the most likely scenario across most of the north-central CONUS. Conversely, above-normal precipitation is favored across much of the Gulf Coast region and parts of the Southeast. Predicted above-normal tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic Basin may also potentially add to monthly precipitation totals across this region. Above-normal precipitation is also favored for the Alaska Panhandle. Below normal precipitation is favored for much of the South Coast of Mainland Alaska westward to the Alaska Peninsula.

September outlook
Precipitation outlook for September 2022. Credit: NOAA

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