[VIDEO] Viral Weather Report Video From Seven Springs Ski Area, PA, Wins ‘Best Social Media Campaign’ Award

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This viral daily weather report from Seven Springs ski area in Pennsylvania, watched over 11-million times on Twitter and over 500,000 on Facebook, won the ‘Best Social Media Campaign’ award at the NSAA Marketing Awards earlier this week.

Everyone with a social media account and even an inkling of interest in skiing saw this one: A woman fights to descend slippery stairs in ski boots at Seven Springs, stealing the show from what was otherwise a relatively standard daily snow report update. With more than 11 million views on Twitter, close to 130,000 views on Instagram, and more than a half-million views on Facebook, the struggling skier (aptly named Mrs. Bean) video brought the small ski area some big attention. Seven Springs even managed to keep that momentum going for the Mrs. Bean videos that followed. Judges loved this relatable and believable video, and many kudos go out to the actress for selling the struggle, which could have easily slid into over-the-top territory. While one or two judges thought that this could be considered insensitive or a cheap shot, the fact that it was staged and so effective in the current sphere of viral marketing gets the ski area a pass — as does the rest of this brilliant video campaign.

Ok, hands up everybody who thought this was real at the time… 🙋🏻‍♂️

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