Sierra Nevada, CA, Report: 3 Chutes, 8 Miles, 4,000-Vertical-Feet, & 5-Star-Corn on White Mountain

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Report from May 18, 2022

Yesterday, we took a look at Ellery Bowl and Banana chute off Tioga Pass and they looked bad…

We decided to cruise up to White Mountain and have a look.

Up scary Notch Chute, down 3 others. image: snowbrains

The past week or so hasn’t been great in the backcountry around here due to the new snow and the process of going from new snow to corn again.

Ended up pretty good.

We got out there skiing by about 10:30 am and the corn was high quality.

Our group ended up splitting up with me staying on the near ridge and skiing 3 of the fun chutes there.

I had a great time!

My big mistake was climbing up the Notch Chute and hoping it was wide enough and that it held good snow.

I was dead wrong.

The chute was only about 12″ wide in one spot where I’d guestimated it to be a ski length wide…

All the rocks in the chute were gathering too much sun and making the snow rotten.

At one point I was even worried about a wet slide…

Andy ripping. image: snowbrains

No bueno.

After I climbed up Notch Chute, I skied 3 happy, fun chutes and felt much better…

I skied the first 2 chutes solo, then the 3rd with Fox and Andy after they came back from the far ridge.

Andy out there. image: snowbrains

We’d stayed in radio contact the entire time and they reported good skiing.

The whole day added up to 8+ miles, 4,000-vertical-feet, 3 chutes, 2 buddies, and very little dirt walking.

I was weary back at the car and glad to get boots off and flip flops on.

One track… image: snowbrains

We skipped Mobile Mart and headed straight home for the Warriors game.

The Warriors crushed Luka and the Mavericks and I was screaming my head off and unable to move.

The game was a great end to a great day in California!

Photos in Chronological Order

Driving up Tioga Pass. image: snowbrains
Ellery Bowl. image: snowbrains
Ellery Bowl. image: snowbrains
Andy. image: snowbrains
High Sierra. image: snowbrains
Gorgeous this time of year. image: snowbrains
Fox up. image: snowbrains
Booter. image: snowbrains
Miles scared climbing up the chute. image: snowbrains
Climbing up the Notch Chute. image: snowbrains
Layers. image: snowbrains
Crest. image: snowbrains
Cornice chute. image: snowbrains
Normal Chute. image: snowbrains
Between runs lounge. image: snowbrains
Normal Alternate. image: snowbrains
Thirst and heat. image: snowbrains
Almost home. image: snowbrains
Headed home! image: snowbrains

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