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Enjoying thew fruits of Huckleberry Canyon.
Skier – Benny Schmidt
Photo – Zac Doleac

When you think of skiing in Lake Tahoe, it’s often the big corporate resorts that come to mind. The glitzy vibe and the relentless crowds at the marge resorts, but Tahoe has a real gem that likes to fly a little under the radar. Not only is it an intimate, friendly local affair, but it gets huge snow, has awesome terrain and no aggressive, resort style crowds. Add to that it’s the closest resort to Sacramento and the Bay Area and if you get there early, you can park a stone’s throw from the lifts.

The Half Pipe, Sierra-at-Tahoe
Photo – Brian Walker

So where are we talking about?  Sierra-at-Tahoe is one of those places you’ll visit for a day and make sure you come back for more. Lots more. Located in the South Shore area of Lake Tahoe, Sierra-at-Tahoe is the closest resort to the Bay Area and Sacramento. That’s a big plus. It means it’s easy to get to, even on a storm day and you won’t spend hours bogged down in traffic when there’s a foot of fresh on the ground. But more than that, Sierra-at-Tahoe offers a combination of awesome terrain, lifestyle and a local’s vibe that’s unmatched in the region.


2000 Acres

2,212’ Vertical Rise

14 Lifts + Tows

6 Terrain Parks

Full Size Boarder/Skier X

South Shore’s Only Half Pipe

Gated Access to Huckleberry Canyon Backcountry


There’s a reason their unofficial nickname is the ‘Local’s Choice’.

Actually, there are plenty of reasons, the first of which is the terrain. They’ve got that rare combination of award winning terrain parks, beginner terrain that isn’t isolated to the bottom and some of the best tree skiing in California.

Popping Pillows at Sierra-at-Tahoe last season.
Photo – Nathan Vetter


Sierra-at-Tahoe has 6 terrain parks, ranging from small to large, where progression is the name of the game. So you can start small and work your way up pro level. They’ve also got an award winning Half Pipe, the only one in the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, and a permanent boarder/skier cross course. It’s not uncommon to see pro athletes training for the X-Games or the Olympics at Sierra-at-Tahoe. The parks are extremely well maintained and offer world class features and a relaxing vibe focused on learning and having fun.

Varied Terrain

Not many mountains offer the full gamut of difficulty levels, but Sierra-at-Tahoe has got it covered. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner, you’re not stuck at the bottom of the hill. So if you’re a big group of varying levels, you can all ski from the summit and choose your own adventure on the way down. With an award winning snow school dedicated to progressing your skills as a skier or rider, SAT has what it takes to get you to the next level. They’ve got a good mix of beginner, intermediate and expert terrain peppered around the whole mountain so no matter what your fancy, you’ll get the full experience.

The Sierra Backcountry…
Skier – Zac Bradgon
Photo – Nathan Vetter


Huckleberry Canyon is accessible from 5 backcountry gates off the summit of Sierra-at-Tahoe and offers some of the deepest and best tree skiing in the Western US. It’s big terrain here and offers even the most advanced skiers and riders a chance to get sendy when there’s three feet of fresh on the ground. Bring your avy gear.


Last year, SAT had over 600 inches of snow fall. No, that’s not a typo. It was an epic season but then they’re used to that. Averaging over 400 inches each year, SAT gets lots of snow. And it’s some of the driest, fluffiest pow in Lake Tahoe. But the best part? On a powder day, it isn’t madness. It’s chill, relaxed and down to earth. There’s terrain for everyone, from the big mountain chargers that want to send it to the families just looking for some easy pow turns on the runs.

The Good Life.
Photo – Sierra-at-Tahoe

A Lifestyle

But what really separates the Local’s Choice from a lot of other mountains in the region is the vibe. Sierra-at-Tahoe is not some big corporate resort, with massive crowds that never end. It’s an authentic-vibe resort dedicated to having a good time and the crowds are always mellow, smaller and relaxed. From their never ending event schedule of live music, on hill parties and understated infrastructure (it’s old school here), they offer something of a throwback lifestyle mixed with a little modern shred fest vibe and it’s awesome.

Beautiful view with lots of snow.
Photo – Sierra-at-Tahoe

So this season, when it starts to snow or you find yourself with a hankering to spend a day in one of the best terrain parks in the US, hop in your car and come visit Sierra-at-Tahoe. It’ll fast become your new home mountain. You’ll want to set up shop and stay a while.


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