Silverado Opened At Squaw Valley Today For 3 Hours Before Being Shut Down Due To Increasing Winds

Chris Wallner | | Industry NewsIndustry News
Silverado Yesterday. Image: Squaw Valley Facebook Page

Squaw Valley announced that it was planning to open Silverado via gates 7 & 8 today, but it was a short-lived opening due to increasing winds. The terrain was open from 9:30am to 12:40pm. We are thankful that it was even open, it is just great to have the opportunity to ski such incredible terrain. 3 Storms are expected to hit California Thursday-Tuesday dropping only high elevation snow at first, then as time goes on, snow levels will continue to drop throughout the systems. This may have an impact on Silverado’s opening in the near future. It is not scheduled to open tomorrow, but we are hopeful that it will later in the week.

Squaw Valley Operations.

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11 thoughts on “Silverado Opened At Squaw Valley Today For 3 Hours Before Being Shut Down Due To Increasing Winds

  1. Squaw is the laughing stock of skiing in NA
    Andy Wirth is a complete joker if he believes hes delivering a superior product. They can pay whatever publication to give them top ratings in “readers polls” but real skiers know the productvthey are delivering is vastly inferiir now, only fools believe otherwise.

    callout on you miles for buying into the corporate bs you of most peeps should know better, isnt that why you chose to live in Jackson past several years?? calling bs on you bud. and did you ever get your pole back from middle knuckle landing last month?
    Wtf over

  2. Squaw is a joke andy wirth is a joke mike livak is a joke their sicial media channels are a joke snowbrains is a joke on this type of reporting cmon miles get real…. pro callout to all you clowns that still ski squaw…its over never will b great again
    corporate skiing still sucks
    later fools

  3. Squaw is now the laughing stock of the ski world. Anyone who was out skiing that day and standing at the top of Headwall after doing reverse traverse, or top of Sibo, or Silvie, knows that the wind excuse is B.S. There is a class action lawsuit in the works and there are going to be a lot of refunds in the future. #limpsock

  4. Yesterday I heard from a very reliable source (in the bar, of course) the holdup that kept Silverado closed
    was clearing an access road from base of Soliture to base of Silverado..

    He said “KSL” is about to open Silverado soon”
    This begs the question; wasn’t wasn’t more manpower put on this 3 weeks ago.
    We’ve waited far too long.

    1. The road was put in after the MLK holiday but only for the sell out bros to film a movie. Not for the paying customers.

      They continue to use excuses such as only two people can put in the road. Well then you are undertrained and understaffed. Learn how to run a business not a fantasy waterpark real estate venture.

  5. So what is the over/under on how many days this season Squaw and Alpine be both be operating at 100% on the same day this season (including hike-to, but cutting slack for redundant lifts)? So far three months into the season we are at 0. I’m gonna go with….two. Prove me wrong ksl, prove me wrong.

  6. How was the actual skiing and coverage? I would love to know how it actually was and what people skied, I dont care that much it was shut down. Thanks!

  7. I was stoked to be able to ski Squaw Valley USA today. Closing lifts due to wind requires human judgement. I think it is better to have people whining about closures, than to have state investigations into why a lift derailed. It is also better to have the ski areas decide when to run, rather than have the state mandate closures at certain wind speeds. As far as wind patterns, Alpine’s lifts tend to be protected, while Squaw’s reach over the ridge tops for the grand views. Of course, KT-22 is the best lift in California, because the mountain itself blocks most of the winds. Also, why would anyone complain about a Belmont closure?

    1. Black Feather what is job title at Squaw? If your argument has credibility how do you explain recent days where Alpine had significant wind closures but Squaw did not? All you need to do is talk to patrollers off the record and you will find the truth. Calling customers that are confused and annoyed “Whiners” does not solve any problems. Addressing the problem truthfully would alleviate a lot of tension but KSL refuses to do that.

  8. “We are thankful that it was even open, it is just great to have the opportunity to ski such incredible terrain”

    Seriously bro? It should have been open weeks ago. It should have been open on Monday. It should have been open Mid January. Snowbrains, you’re selling yourself short by selling out. Not a wise long-term growth strategy.

  9. Can someone explain why Alpine was at full operations but Squaw had several lifts closed due to wind? I am not an expert on wind patterns but I find it hard to believe there was a major difference between the two mountains given their proximity. Maybe, just maybe, it might have something to do with money and staffing? These mountains are increasingly becoming a joke. Today Squaw closed Belmont(Wind) but had Baileys Beach and Mountain Meadow running. They are right next to each other on the same aspect! Not that I care much about these lifts but it illustrates the propaganda KSL is putting out there. KSL must think their customers are intellectually retarded.

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