Ski Industry Climate Summit 2023: A Promising Success in Advancing Climate Action

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Ski Industry Climate Summit 2023: A Promising Success in Advancing Climate Action
Ski Industry Climate Summit 2023. Credit: Atomic

The recently concluded Ski Industry Climate Summit, hosted by Atomic, has marked a significant milestone in the ski industry’s commitment to addressing climate challenges. The international congress, held on September 13th and 14th, 2023, in Salzburg, Austria, gathered major stakeholders and witnessed notable progress towards a more sustainable future for winter sports.

Supported by the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) and Protect Our Winters (POW), the summit brought together around 140 participants, including leading ski brands, dedicated suppliers, retailers, and relevant organizations. The event garnered positive feedback, highlighting its importance in advancing climate action within the industry.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the Ski Industry Climate Summit organized by Atomic and to engage in critical discussions on the impacts that the future EU sustainability initiatives will have on the industry. At FESI, we firmly believe that by coming together, sharing knowledge, and embracing innovation, we can pave the way for a more environmentally responsible and sustainable future for winter sports. The Ski Industry Climate Summit is the perfect forum to embody this commitment.”

– Jérome Pero, Secretary General FESI

“Together, we can achieve success on our shared journey towards a more sustainable future. This summit, bringing together 140 individuals from leading companies and organizations, is not merely a first step; it illuminates the path forward.”

– Jonas Schneider, European Coordinator POW

“The European Outdoor Group was delighted to represent the outdoor industry at the recent Ski Industry Climate Summit. We were impressed by the attitude of the industry and a clear desire to collaboratively tackle the climate crisis head on. A huge amount of knowledge was shared during the event, pushing the industry even further, and we are excited to see the next steps for this sector.”

– Dr. Katy Stevens, Head of CSR and Sustainability at EOG

“The Ski Industry Climate Summit has demonstrated the potential for industry collaboration. We’ve made significant progress, and the unity displayed here is driving our collective efforts to protect the environment and climate that winter sports enthusiasts hold dear.”

– Helmut Holzer, Director of Anticipation & Advanced Research at Atomic

Key accomplishments of the Ski Industry Climate Summit include:

1. Collaborative Discussions: The event encouraged meaningful interaction between industry representatives, fostering stakeholder dialogue and cooperation.

2. Industry-Wide Engagement: Major ski and snowboard brands like Rossignol, Head, Salomon, Völkl, Burton, and Niedecker, retailers such as Decathlon, Sport Conrad, and Bründl, and organizations like the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and Snowsports Industry Association (SIA) came together to address climate challenges collectively.

3. Growing Awareness: The summit contributed to a growing awareness of data-based climate action within the ski and snowboard industry, equipping participants with valuable insights and strategies.

4. Education and Preparedness: Attendees received crucial education on forthcoming legislation and policies related to products and business practices, ensuring industry readiness for regulatory changes.

5. Sustainability Focus: Key action areas, including material requirements, information exchange, and recycling systems, received increased industry attention, laying the groundwork for sustainable practices.

6. Alignment on Standards: Participants found common ground on workgroups and projects, including efforts to establish industry standards like the “product environmental footprint category rule” and “data exchange harmonization.”

The summit’s achievements underscore the ski industry’s commitment to meaningful change and reducing its climate impact. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, laying the foundation for a more sustainable and climate-resilient future for winter sports.

For this reason, Atomic, FESI, and POW will carefully choose a common commitment to unify the entire industry under a shared goal. The entities will then share this common declaration for industry members to sign.

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