‘Ski the East’ Sent Cease and Desist Order to ‘Snowboard the East’ For Trademark Infringement

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ski the east
Ski the East v Snowboard the West.

Ski the East, a Facebook group with over 40k members and an online store selling ‘Ski the East’ merchandise, have sent Snowboard the East a Facebook group with over 15k members and an online store selling ‘Snowboard the East’ merchandise a cease and desist order for trademark infringement.

In a Facebook post last week, Snowboard the East made the announcement along with conceding that it would have to change its name. A banner across the top of its website says “Snowboard The East Has No Affiliation with Ski The East!”.

Bad news is coming our way team.

It is with great sadness to post this but we are being attacked by the ole mighty ski the east. At this point I’m not sure what to do about the situation other than changing our name . 😢 If anyone has any input they would like to share about the situation feel free to chime in (good vibes only ). On the other hand let’s brainstorm and come up with a new name we can all agree on and continue the greatness that we’ve all shared together!

Facebook post

The comments on the Facebook post are largely in support of Snowboard the East and anti Ski the East, with the predictable skiers v snowboarders argument being brought into it. However, many comments on this Facebook post are in favor of Ski the East.

What do you reckon? Is Ski the East within its rights to protect its brand, or is Snowboard the East different enough to be its own brand?

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