Ski Tips with World Champ Daron Rahlves = Balance

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Balance is the most important thing in skiing.  Every skier can use tips on balance and former Olympic downhill skier Daron Rahlves isn’t a bad place to get balance tips.

We’ve used these tips from Daron on the hill and they do help.  It’s not often enough that we focus on improving pieces of our ski technique.  This video will hopefully get your mind in the right place.

Daron Rahlves has done it all:  Olympic & World Cup downhill skier, Olympic skier cross skier, Big Mountain skier in MSP movies.

If you’re not from Tahoe, Eric T’s voice might be a little shocking at first, but you’ll get used to it.

daron ripping
Daron about to dislocate his hip in Olympic trails in skier cross
Daron in AK
Daron in AK again
Daron in AK again


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