VIDEO: Skiing on the Korean Isle in the Middle of the Sea of Japan: Ulleng-Do

Keenan Grady |

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Is it Japan?  Is it Korea?


In the middle of the sea stretching between Japan and South Korea, there lies a little island named Ulleung-Do.  Very few people have ever heard of this destination from the get go, even fewer think of skiing it.  The native population of Ulleung-Do has only four local skiers.  Carston Oliver and Eliel Hindert were lucky enough to get an invitation to ski this unknown mecca- despite the inconvenience of getting there, it would be rude to refuse such an offer.


Check out the bottomless powder between 1:29 and 1:48 in this volcanic, powder paradise.


Based on purely on the location of Ulleung-Do, it gets hammered with the snow that Japan’s mountains are known for collecting; however, here the storms are much more raw in power.  They are known for receiving 1-2 meters of snow within a 24 hour period during an average storm cycle.  The island is known for collecting over 50 feet of snow during a standard year.  It is a volcanic island that is a four hour boat ride over turbid seas, yet it provides a powder paradise for the few who are brave and willing enough to go anywhere for snow.

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