VIDEO: Tandem Skydivers Survive Horrifying 10,000-Foot Fall as Jump Goes Wrong

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The skydivers in free fall, approaching the ground. Credit: Christina Renfroe

Two skydivers survived a 10,000-foot plummet to the ground last week as their tandem dive in Florida went horrifically wrong.

The two men, one an instructor and the other the student, jumped from the plane from more than 10,000ft at around 10:30 am on May 13th. The skydive center they jumped with boasts the world’s highest jumps, from 18,000-feet.

Witnesses on the ground initially thought it was a stunt, but it soon became apparent that the couple was in serious trouble.

As the video shows, they spun and flipped in circles, upside down, side to side, for about 20 to 30 seconds. When the instructor deployed his second chute, it stopped the flipping.

A Titusville Fire Department Facebook post shows the scene of their landing with the tree that broke their fall and saved their lives. According to emergency services, both men were alert and conscious at the scene.

According to a local news release, a preliminary investigation has revealed that the two victims, who were part of a tandem jump from a plane that originated at Dunn Airport, experienced a parachute malfunction, and the incident will be investigated by both the Titusville Police Department and Federal Aviation Administration.

Arthur Dunn Airpark is a public-use airport located 2 miles northwest of the central business district of the city of Titusville in Brevard County, Florida, United States. The airport is publicly owned and is administered under the cognizance of the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority. The airport has one paved runway 2,961 feet in length and a turf runway that is 1,805 feet.

In addition to general aviation activity, a skydiving operator is also located on the field.

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