Skydiving Instructor & Student Die After Crashing To Ground with Near Lake Tahoe Yesterday

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Tandem skydive at Skydive Lake Tahoe. image: Skydive Lake Tahoe

2 skydivers are dead after crashing to the ground on Thursday morning near the Minden-Tahoe Airport, NV.

43-year-old Ashlie Caceras of Lodi, Ca and 21-year-old Davide Becker of Germany are the deceased.

Ashlie was David’s instructor and they were skydiving together tandem.

4 people jumped out of the Skydive Lake Tahoe company’s plane yesterday morning – 2 instructors and 2 students.  The other student was David’s friend from Germany.

Map showing location of Minden-Tahoe Airport.

Ashlie was a qualified tandem instructor with over 1,500 skydives under her belt.

The FAA released a statement saying that they’ve sent 2 inspectors to the scene of the accident.  The cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

Captain Terry Taylor with the East Fork Fire Protection District stated that the decease skydivers landed on the driveway of the Public Works Department near the Minden-Tahoe Airport, NV at 10:15am yesterday.

Skydive Lake Tahoe closed for the remainder of yesterday and may remain closed today.

3.2 million skydives occurred in the USA in 2016 with only 21 fatalities, according to the United States Parachute Association.

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