Giant 15-Foot Snake Shocks Denver, CO Firefighters Responding to Man Passed Out in Car

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Denver, colorado, snake, passed out, drunk driving
Slippery surprise for Denver FD. Credit: DFD

Firefighters in Denver, CO got a nasty surprise when they responded to a call of a man passed out at the wheel of his (parked) vehicle: a giant 15-foot snake.

The driver hadn’t been killed by the snake, he was just drunk. The snake was his pet and it had managed to slither out of the vehicle, perhaps thinking now was a good time to make a run for it.

DFD says that there was also a dog in the car but it, unlike the slippery snake, stayed put.

Drink driving is never a good idea. But it’s even worse when you have a 15-foot snake in your vehicle…

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