Snow in the Canterbury Region, New Zealand

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Over the weekend, the Canterbury Region of New Zealand has been getting pounded with snow. Mount Hutt has received over half a metre and counting. All the ski fields along State Highway 73 have received roughly the same and more on the way overnight. The heavy amount of precipitation caused flooding in the Ashburton area meaning any travellers from the further South of the island were stranded until Monday, July 24, 2023.

Over the course of Monday and Monday night, Mt Hutt was closed due to continuous heavy levels of precipitation, low visibility and winds. These elements combined with a freezing level of 1,700 meters (5,577 ft) created a very thick crust which covered the whole field including chairlifts. When it came to opening, there were delays due to the amount of ice surrounding the lifts. The half a metre at Mt Hutt was not to be.

Mt Hutt covered before the freezing level rose and formed a crust layer July 23rd. Image: Mt Hutt Facebook page

The club fields further West, along State Highway 73, accumulated a good amount of snow from this storm. Below are the stats for each ski field:

Porters Ski area: 82 cm (32 inches)

Mount Olympus: 81 cm (31 inches)

Mount Cheeseman: 78 cm (30 inches)

Broken River: 70 cm (27 inches)

Craigieburn: 71 cm (28 inches)

Temple Basin: 41 cm (16 inches)

This has created a solid base for the club fields and has given hope to the ski fields in the Canterbury region f0r a decent winter. The Olympus staff gave a little blurb for our readers about the recent snowfall.

” The snow gods have woken up and blessed us. 35cm (13 inches) in the carpark, the Access tow skiable, 55cm (21 inches) around the Learners and estimating 60cm (23 inches) plus on the upper mountain. Staff will spend the rest of the week digging out and preparing the road, tows, field and lodge. At this stage we are planning for a full opening on Sunday 30th. Can’t wait to see everyone at the Playground of the Gods for 2023.”

All updates on Mt Olympus can be found on their website –

Mt Olympus after the recent snowfall July 25th. Image:
A beautiful day at Porters July 25th. Image: Porters Facebook page
Preparation at Cheeseman for opening day July 25th. Image Mt Cheeseman Facebook page
Fresh powder on opening day at Broken River July 25th. Image: Broken River Facebook page
A covered Craigieburn July 25th. Image: Craigieburn Facebook page
Climbers using the conditions to their advantage while Temple Basin waits for a bit more snow July 25th. Image: Temple Basin Facebook page

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