Snow Production At Any Temperature? SnowFactory Can

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A Snowfactory machine hard at work. All of the required parts are delivered pre-assembled and ready to operate in these shipping containers. Credit: TechnoApline

Is it possible to make snow at any temperature? Thanks to much research and development from the Italian based company, TechnoAlpine, it sure is. Snowfactory, one of many snowmaking technologies offered by the company, has been in use for a few years now and has proven to be an effective addition to traditional snowmaking machines.

Snowfactory has proven to be a success in many countries already. This technology is not meant to replace conventional snowmaking methods but instead assist in building up an early season snowpack or sustaining runs at lower elevations. There are units in use in the United Kingdom, France, Poland, and multiple here in the United States at Ski Apache Resort, New Mexico, Whiteface Mountain, New York, and Woodward Tahoe at Boreal, California.

The relatively small snowmaking technology that is ran out of a shipping container. Credit: Snow Industry News

So how can you make snow at temperatures above the freezing level? After much research TechnoAlpine developed an innovative cooling technology that cools water to its freezing point without the addition of any chemical additives. The refrigeration process is in a closed circuit that allows for snow production at any temperature. The nicest part is Snowfactory does not require any special set up or installation, it is delivered on-site and ready for action. Just need to attach a water source and power and snow will begin to fall.

A Snowfactory unit in transit to its new home. Credit: Whiteface Mountain

Considering winter sports are at the grace of mother nature, having this technology may prove to be a major factor in the coming years. There are a wide variety of sizes and models to cater to any location and can be either temporary or permanent. As the winter seasons continue to shift keep your eyes open for a Snowfactory machine on slopes near you.

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