Snowbasin, UT, Has Snowiest Month On Record

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March has been Snowbasin’s snowiest month on record with 200” of snowfall. | Picture: courtesy of Snowbasin


Snowbasin, UT, is soaring past more records thanks to Snowmageddon. With 26 inches falling in the last 48 hours, the Utah resort has received 200 inches in March alone, making this the snowiest month on record. The previous record was 191 inches in December of 1983.
Come and bring your snorkel! | Picture: courtesy of Snowbasin
It’s not lightening up either, with snow still falling today and an additional 30 inches to come over the next five days.
Snowbasin has received an incredible total of 532 inches of snowfall this season.

Snowbasin will host the annual Snowbasin Spring Showdown this weekend, so  grab your snorkel and skis and come make the most of this endless winter! Please remember that the resort is dealing with a massive amount of snow, more than they have ever seen before. Please be patient as staff is busy uncovering signs, digging out lifts, and plowing lots to ensure your safety and make sure you get to enjoy the mountain.

Be mindful that the masses of snow mean that some infrastructure needs to be dug out every day. | Picture: courtesy of Snowbasin

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