Snowbasin, UT, Report: Plenty of Spring Skiing to Go

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Spring skiing in Snowbasin, UT. Image: Rouchelle Gilmore.

Report from Wednesday, April 12th, 2023 at a slushy, hot, a little overcast, and fully covered Snowbasin, UT

The weather was hot and the snow was melting on Wednesday, making it the perfect day for some spring sliding. Mid-morning was the best time to be out, with the snow softening, the snow was still running well at this time on the groomers. Silky corn-like snow. 

Full coverage, April 12, 2023. Image: Rouchelle Gilmore.

By lunchtime, the weather had heated up, and the snow became very sticky on parts of the mountain. It was a morning spent skiing around the near-to-empty resort. The spring skiing vibes were at their finest as I walked back to my car a little too warm. There were people who had set up grills in the parking lot, and music played distantly. These times in the mountains just put a smile on your face.

Speaking of good times, this weekend, Snowbasin has its pond skim on Saturday, April 15th. While the online registration is full, there are an additional 50 spots reserved for day-of registration at 9:00 am at the Activities Desk inside Earl’s Lodge, Snow Basin.

With a current base of 198″ and a season-breaking snowfall season for Snowbasin at 602″ the resort will be skiing and riding well through to its extended closing date on April 23.

Snowbasin has season passes on sale for the 2023-24 season, and if you purchase and pay in full, you can ski the rest of the season for free until the extended closing day on April 23rd. In addition, those who purchase a Premier Pass will also gain two bonus buddy vouchers to use this spring when you pay in full.

After my day spent ripping through the slush and getting the layout of the resort in my head, it made me excited to head back to Snowbasin during some midwinter conditions. The terrain there looks very cool with some interesting skiing off the John Paul Express and Strawberry Express chair lifts.

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