Squaw on TV Tomorrow: Nat Geo’s “Mountain Movers” Shows how Squaw Builds Its Terrain Parks

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Snow Park Technology build this halfpipe cubed at Squaw that Simon Dumont went off in

“Gunny [Chris Gunnarson] uses a job with Oakley to create a healthy competition between his employees. He selects two crews of three from the ranks of SPT to build feature setups simultaneously at two different resorts in the north Lake Tahoe area; one feature setup will be built at Squaw Valley and the other at Alpine Meadows. Gunny is counting on his guys to rise to the occasion, take ownership of the build and deliver a high-quality, professional set of features at each resort.”National Geographic

SGTs halfpipe cubed project
SGTs halfpipe cubed project

How exciting is building a terrain park?  In real time, probably not that exciting.  But fast forwarding thru time and showing what these guys at Snow Park Technologies can create out of nothing is impressive.

National Geographic’s “Mountain Movers” TV show will be featuring Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows tomorrow night at 5pm PST on the National Geographic channel.

Hiring Snow Park Technologies has been a part of the $50 million KSL has spent as a part of the Squaw Renaissance.  SGT has made Squaw’s park situation much better and they work they do there is top notch.

Chris 'g unny'
Chris ‘Gunny’ Gunnarson…the boss….


Mountain Movers follows Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and the Snow Park Technologies (SPT) team as they design and build some of the most impressive winter sports projects across the nation. Whether creating a remote private training facility for a high profile athlete, building the perfect half-pipe for the ESPN Winter X Games, or constructing a terrain park at a major winter resort, these larger-than-life snow-sculptors battle the elements to amp up the thrill of snow sports everywhere. – National Geogrphic



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  1. I’ve been watching the past episodes online and the show, while being filmed and edited to pique the interest of any non mountain person, is actually quite good and entertaining. And extremely impressive to see sped up just how they make huge events like the X-Games.

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