Squaw Valley to Close One Week Early | Alpine Meadows Likely As Well

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How Squaw’s pool and tub will look this weekend

Squaw and Alpine are doing their best to stay open, but the snow is simply not cooperating.  Warm temperatures have really melted snow rapidly the past weeks.  Squaw is going to close one week earlier than previously thought, and Alpine will likely have to follow suit.  The end is coming a bit sooner than we expected, but it’s not unexpected.

We think it’s important to get this information out there so that people don’t show up with boots on, skis in hand on the weekend of April 27th and have no lifts to ride.  We’ve seen it before.

Alpine Meadows will be open this coming weekend and then they’ll assess wether they can reopen one more weekend or not.  It might be lookin’ like not.

Squaw’s KT-22 at 9:15am today.

Squaw Valley Spring Lift Operations 

April 15-18 – 9am-2pm

  • Operating Hours: 9am-2pm
  • Lifts: Funitel, Big Blue, Shirley Lake

April 19-21 – 9am-2pm

  • Operating Hours: 9am-2pm
  • Lifts: Funitel, Gold Coast, Big Blue, Shirley Lake, Granite Chief, Aerial Tram for skiing and riding until 2pm
  • Pool and Hot Tub plus Aerial Tram 11am-4pm Saturday April 20 ONLY (no operations midweek); first tram up 10:40am, last tram down 4:30pm; bar plus light food available at High Camp on this SaturdayGet up here and get in one more day and make sure to get into the hot tub before it’s all over.  2012/13 is just about over.

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7 thoughts on “Squaw Valley to Close One Week Early | Alpine Meadows Likely As Well

  1. alpine meadows posted their music lineup for the last weekend in April 3 hours ago, so before you say Alpine will likely follow suit be aware they have spring music scheduled. They also say they will try to stay open a few weekends in May weather permitting. come on, think possitive!!!

  2. Common

    Lots of snow at alpine and upper mtn squaw.

    Hmmm what would Alex have done?

    I feel for the skiers that booked spring trips and now no Granite? Not because of lack of snow. On money hold. Which I understand but not if you are sending out spring promos a week ago.

  3. Passholder party still on? Might not be able to ski due to the busted wing, but I’ll make up for it if I can party!!!

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