Squaw Valley Conditions Report: Unbelievable Awesomeness

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Fingers looking tasty

This report covers the last several days at Squaw Valley.  It has been absolutely insane in Tahoe the past 5 days.  The storm started rolling through on Tuesday night.  Wednesday was a fantastic sleeper pow day great for hippy pow turns bad for sending.

Jeff spraying some pow

Thursday was and even better sleeper pow day with pockets of amazing visibility perfect for sending.  Friday was the deepest day I’ve ever skied in Tahoe this season and not many crowds though the vis was pretty bad.  Saturday was amazing pow day but the lines were crazy.  It took about an hour per lap and got skied out quickly… but the fingers opened and some people got quite sendy.

Skli patrol enjoying work
The fingers

Sunday, today, was also crowded, but since today was the first day the storm broke, squaw opened the whole mountain and it really thinned the crowds out.

Ethan sending the triple

I woke up today at 8am and I was LATE.  I hustled my way over to the lifts to find the Funi line at full capacity.  The upper mountain was where all the pow still was so I decided to go KT–>Headwall in hopes of beating some people to the headwall line after showing up late.

Broken Arrow still not open, towe 16 from the lower cat track opened however.

Headwall didn’t open immediately,but when it finally opened it was fantastic.  The slot had more than a few tracks in it, but C2 bowl still had great snow.  We sent some cliffs and skied past the insanely long Headwall line to the Funi to go ski Granite.

A Fox about to stomp goodwills
Ethan sending Goodwills

Turns out Granite peak opened right as we got to the top of the lift so we started to make the trek up to Goodwills.  It took a long time.  We helped break trail and found ourselves wallowing up to the waist in pow.  Once we got there though we claimed our drop and stepped it out.

Bevan about to eat it

Snow Numbers:


Photo Tour:

The Chimney might open Monday!
Noah ripping some cut up pow
To put it in perspective how much it snowed… this is the accumulation from just 2 of the last days of the storm.
before digging it out
the granite peak hike
Ethan checking out the view.
Fox getting upside down.
Such a beautiful day!
Noah getting upside down.



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