Swell Saturday: San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Looking Like Hawaiian Pipeline, Winter 2013

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{Every Saturday, we’re going to attempt to inspire you to get out and surf with a sharp Surf video that will speak to your heart.  SwellBrains.com is coming soon…}

San Francisco’s Ocean Beach generally has surf that’s a jumbled up mess of whitewater, sand, and foam.  On rare occasions (mostly in the winter and fall) it shines bright and becomes a world-class surf break.  40 minute paddle-outs, ice-cream headaches, near drowning experiences, and arms that feel like wet noodles are all a part of the experience.  We’ll confidently rely on a cliché and tell you that “if you can surf OB, you can surf anywhere.”  And we believe this is true.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California.  photo:  transworld surf

This video was shot on one of those special days during a 2013 winter swell at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California.  

OB, SF, CA.  photo:  rip curl pro

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5 thoughts on “Swell Saturday: San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Looking Like Hawaiian Pipeline, Winter 2013

  1. Damn i wouldn’t have mad it outside this day, nor made those drops, but I still woulda tried. unreal day!

  2. This video is by the BEST vid I’ve seen of OB. We need more like this…or not. Since Kelly won here, it’s been WAY busier. sick vid.

  3. Sick! I’ve surfed OB since the mid-80’s and only saw it go off like this once. Rare to see it not blown out and lines to the horizon!
    Far cry from the usual (as you stated): start at the Cliff House, end the day with a 30 minute walk back up the beach after the rip pulls you down to Lincoln!

    1. Agreed. I’ve never seen it do this. Impressive. I hadn’t surfed OB in about 4 years, paddled out this fall, got my butt handed to me and it was only head high. Amazing place on the right day.

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