Tahoe Backcountry Report: Tricky Sticky Icky ACL Snow…

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Miles selfie! image: snowbrains

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Report from Saturday, March 13, 2021

We went for a walk in the Lake Tahoe backcountry yesterday.

It was hot and sunny.

The views were spectacular.

Brandon on fire. image: snowbrains

The snow was mostly lousy.

Tricky, sticky, and icky for the most part.

Our ACLs most certainly got tested.

You’d be gliding along then wham! you’d hit a sticky part and just about separate your lower leg from your upper…

There was a small sweet spot about halfway down where we could link turns and hoot around a bit.

Down low was real tough – sticky, thin, rocky, and loggy.

Overall, it was a great day with ridiculous views and a dangerously fun crew.

Jamie up high. image: snowbrains

Avalanche Forecast:

images: sierra avalanche center, 3/12/21

Weather Forecast:

image: noaa, 3/13/21


California has the largest pinecones on Earth. image: snowbrains
Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Home views. image: snowbrains

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