The 2022-2023 Winter in Little Cottonwood, UT: A Photo Essay

Kiley Chrisman |
Twin Peaks, Snowbird. Image: Kiley Chrisman

This is a photo tour of Little Cottonwood over the course of its record season—one that will forever go down in history as the snowiest Wasatch winter ever. 

This year little Cottonwood experienced a record-breaking winter with over 900 inches of snow reported at Alta Ski Area. That’s about 4.9 inches of snow per day since the first snow on October 22nd. During the 22-23 season Utah reached 219% of the average snowpack thanks to multiple atmospheric rivers, and had 44 powder days with 12 or more inches in 24 hours, according to the Utah Avalanche Center.  These record-setting storms caused 98 avalanches to hit SR-210 and 34 full canyon road closures.

Cheers to a deep year!

Monthly totals 

October: 37.5″       

November: 85.5″

December: 163″

January: 186″

February: 110″

March: 229″

April: 92″


Monte Cristo
Tracks on the edge of the world. Monte Cristo. Image: Kiley Chrisman
Wolverine Cirque after 60 inches, April 6th. Image: Kiley Chrisman

Wolverine Cirque chutes after a late 8 inches on April 22nd. Skier: Kiley Chrisman. Image: Nate Fastenberg
Breaking trail into Little Cottonwood from Brighton during a road closure. Image: Kiley Chrisman
Chest Deep at Alta Ski Area. March 6th, 43 inches. Image: Kiley Chrisman

The Cliff Spa at Snowbird during the April 4-5 storm that dumped over 60 inches of snow. Image: Nate Fastenberg
Cars Buried at Alta, Feb 7th. Image: Kiley Chrisman
Dumping on Wildcat. Image: Kiley Chrisman

Cardiac Ridge filled in. Image: Kiley Chrisman
Cars buried at Snowbird after an April storm. Image: Nate Fastenberg

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