The 9 Most Snowsports-Obsessed States

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We love the snow. Credit: Pexels

For many, a passion for snow is not merely a seasonal affair; it’s a way of life. As winter starts to blanket the U.S. in a pristine layer of white, some states stand out as true havens for skiers and snowboarders. From the Rockies to the Northeast, these regions boast a deep-rooted love affair with all things snow-related.

But what states are the most snow-obsessed? That is the question that Snow Season Central set out to answer. The company used 12 months of Google search data from November 2022 to October 2023 using over 6,000 ski-related terms. What follows are the nine most snow-obsessed states where the pursuit of the perfect powder day and the camaraderie of the skiing community are second to none. Results are based on a per-capita (per 100,000 people) basis.

#9 Maine – 104,121 searches per capita

Sugarloaf, Maine. Credit: Sugarloaf

#8 Washington – 106,031 searches per capita 

Crystal Mountain, WA. Credit: Reid Pitman | Ikon Pass

#7 Massachusetts – 118,303 searches per capita 

Berkshire East Resort, MA. Credit: Berkshire East Facebook

#6 Wyoming – 129,561 searches per capita 

jackson hole powder
Pristine conditions at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY. Credit: JHMR

#5 Montana – 129,984 searches per capita 

black diamond
Steep skiing at Big Sky Resort, MT. Credit: Big Sky Resort

#4 Utah – 139,868 searches per capita 

Powder day at Snowbasin, UT. Credit: Cam McLeod/Snowbasin

#3 New Hampshire – 175,289 searches per capita

Gunstock Mountain Resort, NH. Credit: Resort Facebook

#2 Colorado – 194,885 searches per capita

Loveland Ski Area, CO. Credit: Loveland Facebook 

#1 Vermont – 356,126 searches per capita 

Killington, VT. Credit: US Ski Team.

Other Findings

Not only was Vermont the most obsessed, but it ranked 638% higher than the national average. Vermont also had the highest percentage of the search results specifically for skiing at 52%. At the national level, 61% of the search interest was for snowboarding, compared to only 39% for skiing. California had the highest percentage of searches for snowboarding at 76%.

The states with the lowest interest in snow sports were Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Alabama. The largest states by population didn’t fare too well in the rankings, with California appearing at 17th, Texas at 44th, Florida at 41st, New York at 16th, and Pennsylvania at 22nd.

How does the U.S. Compare to other countries?

The analysis also explored how the U.S.  performed against Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland. Apparently, the U.S. isn’t as obsessed as these other countries as it ranked at the bottom on a per capita search basis.

Snowsports searchers (per capita)

  • Canada: 69,687 searches
  • Australia: 45,708 searches
  • UK: 39,764 searches
  • Ireland: 34,872 searches
  • US: 34,134 searches

Split between skiing and snowboarding

  • Canada: 32% skiing, 68% snowboarding.
  • US: 39% skiing, 61% snowboarding.
  • Australia: 34% skiing, 66% snowboarding.
  • UK: 55% skiing, 54% snowboarding.
  • Ireland: 70% skiing, 30% snowboarding.

Below are the results from all 50 states.

snow obsessed
Results from all the states. Credit:

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