The Grossest Food From Each Ski State

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Each state in the US has its very own culture including different traditions, events, and of course, food. Inevitably, with a wide variety of food options over the country, there are bound to be some questionable dishes. While treating yourself to a western vacation, it’s important to know what foods to stay clear of by knowing what is considered the “grossest” in each state.


Shredded wheat was created in Denver, Colorado in 1890. Most people are familiar with the cereal brand “Mini-Wheats” which is a variation of shredded wheat. This cereal consists of small, pillow shape biscuits that have a shredded, twiggy consistency. Although this cereal is rough to the touch, it immediately turns soggy once combined with milk. To stress how tasteless and bland this cereal is, it’s important to note that the food was originally proposed as soup croutons. As expected, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg explained that the cereal tasted “like eating a whisk broom,” as stated by Daily Choices. This bland cereal is either tough and dry, or soft and soggy. If you need breakfast before a long day of mountain activities, it would be in your best interest to steer clear of this cardboard-like cereal.

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Pemmican, which is considered Montana’s worst dish, has been around longer than Montana has officially been a state. This “nutrient-rich snack” was used by European explorers, fur traders, and indigenous groups in North America. This firm shape of a food item consists of dried meat, dried berries, and tallow. Although this dish was important in history, its appeal has died out as other food has improved and evolved over time, while pemmican just isn’t as appetizing as other nutritious options. It’s an important dish for anyone simply concerned about getting good, necessary nutrients. Still, when tired after a long day of exploring Montana, this most likely wouldn’t be at the top of your list to eat.

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Utah holds a unique record in the US: most JELL-O per capita eaten. The state also hosts JELL-O week made possible through JELL-O themes legislation. JELL-O isn’t something exclusive to Utah, but their spin of it makes it special. Utah residents love their JELL-O salad; a dish made up of JELL-O, fruit, vegetables, cottage cheese, nuts, pretzels, or cream cheese. There are no rules when it comes to what you can throw into this gelatin-induced treat. Because of that reason, this dish doesn’t sound the most appetizing to tourists who are new to the Utah traditions.

jello salad
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This one may be controversial, as it’s one of the restaurants that California is known for. Unfortunately, In-N-Out is at the top of California’s grossest food list. Californians admit that the fries are barely edible, yet rave about the burgers. On the other hand, many tourists find themselves underwhelmed with the raved-about burger. Thrillist states that the Animal Style sauce that tops off the mediocre burger tastes like a rip-off of Big Mac sauce.

When traveling to the West, there are many dishes to try from the diverse region. Unless you want to test how repulsive some of these foods are, it may be a good idea to order yourself something else.

In-N-Out’s burger and fries PC: In-N-Out Burger via Facebook

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2 thoughts on “The Grossest Food From Each Ski State

  1. I overall enjoyed reading this post though I don’t think I am at complete agreement here.

    I will agree that I probably wouldn’t seek out shredded wheat as a meal, but as a cereal it is by no means the grossest Colorado has to offer. Many would agree that frosted mini-wheats, rolled shredded wheat squares with sugar, are sort of enjoyable. Now yes, you can argue that the addition of the sugar and milk is what makes shredded wheat enjoyable, but the same can be said for Colorado’s Rocky Mountain oysters. I can confidently say that raw bull testicles would be far worse than raw shredded wheat.

    You win for Utah though. Whoever thought to put an entire salad in Jell-O probably shouldn’t have been allowed near a kitchen.

    You were right to say that In-N-Out is sub par and overrated, but I think many more would agree that the fortune cookie, also native to California, is far worse. I love the gesture of a fortune cookie, but their pasty flavor and dry texture leave a lot to be desired in terms of a cookie.

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