The History of Saucerboy, Shane McConkey’s “Drunk, Awesome Twin”

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In Alaska in 1997, Shane blew his ACL while filming.  He didn’t have much to do for the rest of the trip, so he invented Saucerboy.  It wasn’t a bad plan because Shane might not have been in the movie skiing much, but he was in the movie being Saucerboy.

Saucerboy was essentially Shane’s way of taking the piss out of skiers and riders in the industry who take themselves too seriously.

“He was a metaphor for every pro skier and snowboarder in the industry.” – Murray Wais

Saucerboy was Shane’s “Drunk, Awesome Twin.”

“Who was Saucerboy? Where did he come from? And how did his popularity soar to cult proportions? Today Saucerboy is known as the alter ego that Shane McConkey and friends created to poke fun at everyone who took themselves too seriously. This is his story.” – Red Bull

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