The Kangaroo Kicker – The Shortest Lived Kicker In Resort Skiing

Ryan Flynn |
The Kangaroo Kicker located directly underneath Siberia Express on December 19th, 2020. Credit: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Facebook

Squaw Valley, CA is known for its abundant big mountain terrain. No matter where you go the mountain, you are a couple of carves away from either technical steeps, big cliffs, or a mixture of both. The one thing you do not get to see very often at Squaw is a wind lip, even though they have one of the best in the entire United States.

For a freeskier, wind lips are some of the most fun terrains features out there.¬†One of these pristine natural lips forms in the middle of Siberia Bowl, dubbed the Kangaroo Kicker every season. In the early weeks of the season, you can see it starting to form before Siberia Lift opens from Gold Coast Express just across the upper mountain. Once Siberia Express opens, Kangaroo Kicker offers up a show for all who are lucky enough to be on the mountain. Located directly underneath the lift, it lives up to Squaw’s “Hollywood” vibe. You need proof…here it is.

There is only one issue with the Kangaroo Kicker, Squaw Valley grooms it over every season. This usually occurs only a day or two after Siberia Express opens to make way for the alpine ski team. While I do not fault Squaw Valley for giving their alpine team a great run to practice on, it is disappointing that it has to be on top of one of the resort’s best natural features. The wind lip can make a reappearance throughout the season depending on snowfall and wind patterns during storms, but will usually get groomed over on a couple of days after the snow stops falling.

Moral of the story, get the goods while the getting is good.

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