The Northeast is Getting Dumped On Right Now (20″+ in some areas)

Spencer McLaughlin |
Photo: Stratton Mountain Resort

After a slow start to the season so far, the Northeast is finally getting a big snowfalland it’s a huge storm.

Stratton, VT, is already reporting 16 inches of snow has fallen, and most forecasts are projecting that at least another 8 inches will fall tonight. These storm totals are fairly consistent at high elevations across Vermont, and slightly lower snow totals are expected in neighboring states. Considering that there was visible grass just a few days ago, this is an awesome improvement.

VT Route 11 near Peru, six days ago (Photo: VTrans)

With that said, be careful tomorrow. The roads are going to be pretty nasty since this is a large storm and the snow is wet. There also was nearly no natural base before this, so consider bringing your rock skis if you plan on trying to ski the woods or other natural terrain.

Welcome to winter, New England.

Photo: Gore Mountain

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