The Skiing Is Good, But What’s It Like to Date in Lake Tahoe, CA?

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What is it like to date in Tahoe, California?  The transient nature of the area has a lot to do with shaping the dating scene.  The jobs are seasonal, housing is crowded, and there are few year-round residents.  The Tahoe basin and surrounding areas may be bustling with ski resorts and nightlife, but the dating scene is interesting, to say the least.

The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

When asked about the dating scene in Tahoe, you’ll likely get a scoff followed by a funny story.  Maybe the flame was lost when you realized he was simply there to use your shower.  Perhaps the relationship ended at check-out time.  Or maybe things faded when you ended up in different states after the season.

Finding love and keeping it is a never-ending battle in the mountains.  How can it be so easy to find cool people, but so hard to take it further?  Luckily, the girls of Tahoe aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. With the guy to girl ratio on our side, you would think the girls would have it easy.  Unfortunately, things get a little complicated when a guy calls you “Bro”.

Dating in Tahoe
The hair. The stache. The pure badassery. The Tahoe Man in his truest form. Image: TAHOEMADE

So what defines the typical Tahoe man?  Such an eclectic and diverse population from all reaches of the country is hard to label.  Here’s what the females have to say:

“Young at heart, super chill after they exercise, energetic and passionate about outdoor activities”

Prince Charming, indeed!

“In bars, they’re nice yet immature. On the slopes, they’re nice yet distracted. At work they’re nice yet married.”

Wait, this might take some work…

Okay so maybe the guys need a little help, but what’s a man to do??  Chances are, you live here to ski.  Then you have to go to work after skiing.  Then, of course, you use that money to enable more skiing.  So, when are the guys supposed to pay attention to us again? That’s right, they have other things on their mind. If there are no friends on a powder day, then there’s definitely no GIRLfriends on a powder day.

Dating, Tahoe Powder Day
Let’s be honest, if this is happening, don’t expect a call or text from him. But can you blame him? Image: Palisades Tahoe/Jeff Engerbretson

There are far more guys than girls, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will get hit on.  Many girls actually see Tahoe guys as a little shy.  Maybe they are tired from skiing all day, maybe they can’t afford to buy you a drink, maybe they don’t want to take you home to their van.  The wisest women know to just go for it…

“I never waited to be hit on. I’d usually ask a guy out: ski, bike or climb date. Men need help.”

More importantly, where do you stand a chance of running into a cool single person that is attracted to you?  This circumstance is few and far between, it just depends on what you are going for.  Sometimes the one night stand is ideal, but long meaningful relationships have their perks too.  Someone to share mountain activities with. Even potentially someone to share rent with! In a world where friends come and go with the seasons, guys and girls are often left pining for something real.  Here’s some local knowledge from one of Tahoe’s single ladies.

“Bars don’t work unless you’re just looking for a one night stand.  Ski resorts do if you both work there or if you have a lot of time riding together.  BBQs are pretty good.  Or some activity with mutual friends, so they have time to work through their fear of asking you out.  Events like premiers or competitions are where everyone’s the most attractive, but usually the vibe is friendly rather than flirty.”

It might start to feel like a never-ending cycle of seasonal flings, homie hopping, and unsuccessful Tinder dates that you pray you won’t bump into around town, but love isn’t impossible here.  The best strategy for getting as close as possible to “true love”:  Do things that make you happy in the mountains.  Meet people who also like those things.  Get to know one of those people, be patient, and enjoy their company.

Dating, Power Couple
Find someone to stand on top of mountains with. Image: Palisades Tahoe/ Ben Arnst

Dating in Tahoe Q&A Laughs

Q: They say the ratio is more guys to girls, does this feel true when you’re out there?

A:  Yes.  There are many more males than females, but the ratio of men to women is closer. There are more ‘lost boys’ than ‘Wendy’s’ in this Neverland.

Q: Does it matter how good at skiing/snowboarding the guy is?

A:  Not really, but it sure is way sexier if they’re a boss.

Q: It’s hard to see what a guy looks like under the ski gear, would you take the risk and make the first move on a chairlift?

A:  No. Definitely not. Never.

Q:  Out of all the jobs on the mountain (lifties, ski patrol, ticket checkers, instructors), who is the hottest?

A:  Patrol, because they have actually important knowledge and skills.  They’re fit and adventurous. But they know it…

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15 thoughts on “The Skiing Is Good, But What’s It Like to Date in Lake Tahoe, CA?

  1. Pluu-eese
    Guy needs serious help if he’s thinkin of dating a some tahoe 10 chickie
    Much nicer women elsewhere w/o the check me out I am so hot ‘tude

    Yo bro she aint ur gf its just ur turn….

    1. Finally someone said Tahoe Ten. So true. Definitely tons of Bro’s, male and female. But honestly, most people are just broke after a while and that is not sexy.

      This article tho, dead ass.

  2. Lived in Truckee for almost fifty years Tahoe Truckee High School class of 1979. There are plenty of year round residents. And the description of the men is far from the truth unless all u are concerned with is the transient ski area worker. Plenty of full time year round residents with decent jobs outside of the ski area arena.

  3. Because we all know that getting “laid”,solves everything………………………………what BS!

  4. It has nothing to do with skiing or any other outdoor activity…………………………’s the extreme feminism impact on our society!! Men don’t trust women because women can “get away” with just about anything and be “supported” by THAT SAME SOCIETY,without consequences.Men are going their own way………

    1. This is some not great stuff you’re saying Ken. You sound a bit angry, which must be difficult for your happiness. Sorry to hear it. I think most women and men would agree that there are at least as many crappy men as there are women…

        1. What!!!!!!! Ken does need to get laid Ken doesn’t have much of a clue he lives in the city Tahoe rules and the chicks rule too sounds like Ken doesn’t have much luck with the ladies

      1. To bad you and “ski dude” are totally brainwashed by the blue pilled society. Through experience,you will find that I’m right……… it called “TRUTH”

  5. There are a bunch of attractive fun adventurous single guys who don’t work at the ski resorts. And just to clarify the skiing sucks in Tahoe, endless lift lines ,
    Full parking lots and skied out Powder.
    Maybe backcountry is good or snowcat access to powder , but not very conducive to meeting cute single girls.
    I am single but not desperate !

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